About Us


Little River’s neighborhood gem—captures a charmingly rustic and industrial vibe perfectly suited for your hearty breakfast, healthy lunch, satisfying entrées or quick coffee pick-me-up. Our fast-casual dining restaurant and coffee bar concept caters to all lifestyles—from busy “on-the-go” customers to those looking for a more leisurely dine-in experience.

At Rail 71, we’re committed to using only the freshest produce and most natural ingredients. Our globally inspired dishes are each thoughtfully handcrafted with a unique blend of natural, wholesome foods, ethnic spices, and in-house prepared sauces to create flavorful and refreshing new takes on conventional food staples.

In our efforts to support local businesses, we have partnered with some of our artisanal neighborhood favorites—Pamela Wasabi, Radiate Miami and freshly baked breads and pastries sourced daily from everyone’s favorites, Zak The Baker and Sullivan Street Bakery.

Need a morning or midday boost?

Treat yourself to a beverage from our premium coffee bar menu, each crafted with care on the daily by our very own neighborhood barista. Enjoy a revitalizing and freshly brewed Great Circle Coffee, Palmar Coffee, aromatic JoJo Tea, or indulge in our deliciously rich hot chocolate.

We look forward to meeting you!